Hammocking is an ancient culture with a long and diverse tradition. Some say it has12605472_10153963688884090_7576480226093728855_o been around for over 1000 years in Latin America, originally being woven from Hamack trees. The purpose was often safety: Snakes, flies, and diseases could be limited by elevating one’s body from the wet ground. However sailors, adventurers and lazy bums understood how the hammock brought about not only safety but also an impressive sleep.

This heritage is at the core of what the Hammock Festival wants to achieve: A dedication to making outdoor living so exciting yet comfortable that we want it again and again.


The Hammock Festival is about having fun in the great outdoors. Even though it is not a 10671325_792196947489142_1185842535948481045_nrequirement we urge our participants to use a hammock as their home this weekend. The idea is rooted in Arne Næss’ philosophy; Reflections on the growing imbalance between human beings and nature is induced through creating intimate bonds with nature, a relationship. As with many relationships, showing some humility and respect can lead to very long and adventurous journeys together. We look forward to sharing some of these experiences with you!


We wish to create an international musical scene and are therefore dedicatacoustic-guitar-407214_1920ed to going beyond borders in search of the most unique concert experiences. The Hammock Festival, rooted in Mr Marley’s ethos, believes in music as a tool to promote diversity as a source for inspiration and common joy. We therefore invite artists across genres, cultures and musical traditions to come spread the good vibes during the festival!


The festival experience will also be marked by numerous culinary fashions. Norweg11695924_942620985780070_3026988347490118361_nian natural produce is world class and the Hammock Festival has therefore envisioned that all nutritional supplements are grown locally in Norway. Through inspiration from foreign food traditions, the local produce will lay the foundation for a composition of cuisines that promotes an exciting, diverse and healthy relationship to food.

In the spirit of the Norwegian mountaineering tradition it is important for us to show that the link between people and nature does not have to be expensive. We therefore support people who wish to bring their own food and drinks and will create cooking stations around Base Camp. In other words we guarantee that you can have an amazing festival experience by only buying the Festival Pass. If your cooler was to run dry however, or you suddenly got a craving for something to eat our bar and chefs will provide plenty to fill you up!