The first ever Hammock Festival kicks off this summer. As a volunteer at this years Hammock Festival you therefore have a unique opportunity to help shape the festival experience together with us. Volunteers will be provided accommodation, food and a Festival Pass. Each volunteer will only work one of the days during the festival except those who work on setting up the stage, light show and sound systems (referred to as Rig Crew). The Rig Crew will work on getting the stage, light show and sound system up and running in the days leading up to the festival as well as taking it down in the days that follow. Below is a list of sectors volunteers can help with:

  • Rig Crew
  • Security
  • Bar
  • General Concert/Festival Management

If you are interested in volunteering at this years festival please send an email to torkel@hammockfestival.com with a short bio of yourself along with what sector you would like to assist with. We look forward to hearing from you!